Fox Racing // Multi-fixture Floor Display



PROJECT: Design a walk-around, branded freestanding display that speaks to the urban, active sports lifestyle of Fox's customers through graphics, material selection, and shapes. Merchandise their line of street and youth culture apparel within a distributor's retail setting.

CONCEPT: Drawing inspiration from the angular and linear graphics that run through many of the Fox textile designs, this walk-around display provides multiple merchandising methods for their collections: Table-top space for folded apparel, hat pedestals, a wardrobe rack, and slat wall for utilizing standard hook components. Layered laser-cut logo signs, lifestyle imagery, patterns, and shadow boxes add 3-dimensionality, and reiterate the theme of intersecting plains.

  • Concept development of footprint, construction, & schematic planogramming
  • CAD, renderings & presentation
  • Material Selection / Sourcing
  • Production Quoting
  • Client Proposal
    • Creative Direction: Mila Thompson
    • Design / Art Direction: Megan Bar