G-Fore // Golf Glove Counter Top

PROJECT: A marriage of Mossimo Giannulli's career designing high-fashion and his love for golf, G/Fore combines function and style with modern, bright and chic golf apparel. The growing brand needed an elegant, counter top to display their line of colored gloves in golf-club stores and different retail environments without detracting from the product. Existing CAD drawings were presented as a jumping off point, and reference to dimensions and construction.

CONCEPT: Two carousel solutions were devised, playing off of the architectural design of the brand's logo icon. Broken down into multiple elements, a large version of the logo rests on top of the center pole, creating multiple planes and dynamic signage. Incorporating gloss-black and matte white, and the reverse, are recognizable with the branding highlight the spectrum of glove colors.

  • CAD, renderings, material selection / sourcingquotingclient proposal
    • Creative Direction: Mila Thompson
    • Design / Art Direction: Megan Barrett