Melin Brand // Photo-retouching & Updated Design


Client: Melin Brand, a luxury head ware brand for athletes who approach style off the field or court, with the same importance of their performance on it. Their focus on materials, innovation and the details have elevated them to a position of notoriety with famous athletes, and symbolize the rewards of hard work. As they say, "This isn't for everyone. This is earned."

Project Goals: Utilizing the current, existing glass podiums designed by my employer, the client sought a modified, narrower version to be distributed to Lid's stores throughout the US. They desired to keep the styling and materials, as well as storage capabilities in the base unit.

Design Solution: Keeping in line with the brand's image and the existing displays, the solution for these new towers included subtle changes by incorporating multiple material textures. The units' height was increased and the width narrowed for a smaller foot print but maintaining the option to merchandise up to 3 hats per shelf. A dark wood facade on the top and bottom of the case as well as the tufted leather, inner back panel, play to clean, minimalist aesthetic of Melin, allowing for the dynamic variation of their hats to take the foreground. Top down lighting, creates a spotlight for the hats to take center stage, under the back-lit, Logo header, with options for a matte black or silver façade.