Mabel + Anders

Brand & Packaging Concept

The label design for this fictitious brand was born from my continual affinity for Scandinavian folk motifs and modern design. My blooming desire to branch into packaging and graphic design spurred the label concept, which centers around Apothecary layout styling. The decision to package jam, came from the romantic vision of coniferous, Northern woods which stow away bushels of ripe-for-the-picking berries, eager to be mashed and spread over rustic toast.  

Branding and full-story boarding were built on top of this initial idea and reworking of the label design. The resulting, is a modernized branding of a generations-old jam and preserves family company named after its founders, Mabel + Anders.

BRAND: Mabel + Anders Jansson began their preserving business as a grassroots in 1923 and quickly sprouted a reputation for their savory, delectable jams, well beyond their small Swedish home of Stavsjo. Their legacy continues over 90 years and 3-generations later, still carefully crafted and tended by their Great-grandchildren. Following heirloom recipes, artfully perfected, as well as new takes on old favorites, the family business carries a variety of seasonal garden and forest grown jams, preserves and pickled vegetables.

Each Jar is filled with foraged ingredients intended to sustain and warm the hearts of those who enjoy them. Nourishing comfort during the solitude of a Scandinavian winter, or a mouth-puckering treat on a sun-kissed mid-summer day, Mabel + Anders provide a wholesome addition to all seasons.

  • Concept Design & Branding