Pelican cases

Nesting Tables

Design a family of table fixtures that mimic the characteristics of the ProGear Elite line that can adapt with products through multiple seasons in a large for Outdoor Sporting retailer.

Form and Size studies and schematics led to 2 table sizes, allowing retailers to arrange the tables in multiple configurations: nested, parallel, perpendicular. The height variation creates dynamism by creating multiple planes to showcase the 18", 24" & 30" suitcases. ProGear's industrial accents, designed with chamfered edges, multi-material and hardware aesthetics inspired similar details incorporated in the table design. Floating table tops with a polished concrete finish, and matte black logo band with visible hardware and brushed metal die cut logos, recall the line's features. Simple, wide, angular U-shaped metal legs attach with simple brackets to the underside, making assembly and knock-down easy for store employees.

  • CAD & renderings, Structural Design, material selection, client proposal
    • Creative Direction: Mila Thompson