Stone Brewery

Tower End Cap

Stone Brewery, out of Encinitas, California, was looking to expand its presence and footprint into more retail stores.They need a freestanding display to merchandise 6-packs, with the option for 22 ounce bottles that caught their customers' eyes with imagery and materials that fit their rustic, modern-gothic, sarcastic branding.

Multiple configurations and styles were presented to the client. Stone's Gargoyle Icon and surrounding gothic themes inspired the materials and textures considered when designing for knock-down capabilities and palletizing weight. The architecture of their destination Bistro & Gardens influenced the raw-steel & wood accents, with stone-like, shaped wing panels work together harmoniously to strike a chord with beer-snobs and as a introduction to novice ale shoppers. 

  • CAD, renderings, Material Selection / SourcingProduction QuotingClient Proposal

    • Creative Direction: Mila Thompson